Brooklyn Primary School

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School Climate



“We believe in every child; we are committed to educating and inspiring all children to their highest level of learning.”


This above mission statement crystallizes Brooklyn’s why. As a community school, we take great pride in meeting the educational and social-emotional needs of every child who walks in our front door. This mission is our guiding light which helps us establish priorities at our school, and informs future decisions.



If the mission answers our why, our vision answers our what; essentially what must we do in order to make progress towards accomplishing our fundamental purpose. This shared vision is a tool to aid in the development of coherent and sustainable actions by our school. Simply put, our vision provides stepping stones to help us accomplish our mission.


Reading Vision

Our Brooklyn readers will…

  • Love reading
  • Read a lot, have stamina, and engage in different genres
  • Be confident in their ability to choose engaging books at their level
  • Comprehend texts on a deep level
  • Talk and write about reading
  • Have the foundational skills to tackle complex texts
  • Read to understand, as well as for enjoyment


Student Approach

This is how we work with children, we...

  • Build authentic relationships
  • Show and model empathy 
  • Provide calm, emotional, regulated support
  • Recognize the connection between brain function and behavior
  • Provide opportunities to self-regulate and co-regulate
  • Provide predictable routines
  • Take care of ourselves and our colleagues
  • Are inquisitive instead of judgemental

Kids do well if they can


Every mistake is a learning opportunity. Each child comes into Brooklyn wanting to be successful. If they are not successful, we recognize something is getting in their way, and it is our job to find out what is getting in their way and build skills around frustration tolerance, decision making and cognitive flexibility. Through collaborating with our students, we are able to model and practice empathy and pinpoint lagging skills that are making it difficult to meet an expectation. We know kids do well if they can, and through genuine, authentic relationships and opportunities to practice and build skills, our students will grow to be caring, empathetic and thoughtful thinkers for our world. 

We want you in our school!


A key attribute of any successful school is a strong partnership between school and family. Much of Brooklyn’s success hinges on a strong collaborative spirit with our families, as well as with local community partners. There are plenty of opportunities to become involved with our school such as joining the PTO, volunteering in a classroom, chaperoning field trips, visiting with administration or staff around new ideas or simply enjoy a lunch with your son our daughter in our cafeteria. We’ll see you here!